Job Search Goal Sheet

job goalsThis sheet organizes your job search activities so you know the actual number of hours you are spending looking for jobs in Buffalo and WNY. You want a job so you should know how much time you are actively looking for one. Creating business cards and Resumes is important to get jobs, but if you could call a contact and be hired then they aren’t necessary. It’s important to find out the most crucial steps to getting a job and and focusing on those first.

How many hours/week do I spend in my job search? Do not include tailoring your Resume, cover letter, group meetings, classes, filling out applications, interviewing, follow-ups, just include the actual search.

Where did I spend my time?

_____HRS/WK – Job postings via internet

_____HRS/WK – Job postings in the newspaper & other places

_____HRS/WK – Recruitment fairs

_____HRS/WK – Networking (not including networking groups specifically for the unemployed)

_____HRS/WK – Researching companies



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